Adaptation Editor – Glamour

The Senior Adaptation Editor transcreates original editorial content from other markets
(source language) into the local (target) language, ensuring integrity of content, intent,
and tone of voice is retained, while adapting and tailoring translated copy to regional
sensitivities, customs and trends.

Primary Responsibilities

● Transcreates and localizes the print issue in conjunction with the Edit team
● Transcreated and localizes a percentage of digital stories
● Compiles and maintains an in-house style guide for their target language on an
ongoing basis
● Ensures transcreated content is highly-searchable via SEO best practices

Desired Skills & Qualifications

● Mother tongue Spanish and working proficiency English speaker
● Subject matter expertise around Fashion (Vogue) within digital and print
● Meticulous attention to detail and an ability to switch seamlessly between tasks
● Strong editorial transcreation and sub-editing skills
● Excellent written and verbal communication skills
● Awareness of regional developments and cultural shifts, journalistic style, and
style reportage
● Ability to work to stringent deadlines and flexibility during high-volume periods
● A degree in translations/transcreation is a plus, not a must

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