By 25 mayo, 2021VACANTES

Primary Responsibilities

  • Works with Production Directors, Director of Editorial Operations, and local market editors/leads to ensure the editorial team meets all content deadlines.
  • Manages local issue lineup, allocated page budget, and editorial map/flatplan makeup (including FOB adjacency needs) in close collaboration with editorial lead and print sales counterparts.
  • Liaises with Print Production and Repro.
  • Traffics stories through workflow in collaboration with Editorial, Creative, and CIG teams.
  • Prepares layouts for networked content* and performs production tasks (flows and styles text, attaches K4 articles, works with editors to resolve fit as needed, distributes PDFs).
    • *Note: Art Director or other designer/creative staff to review and approve any adapted layouts.
  • Preflights layouts and exports hi-res print-ready PDFs via Dalim or equivalent delivery system (aka “shipping pages”).
  • Performs QA and approves DBLs (digital blue lines, “blue prints,” or equivalent proofs) for press.
  • Performs post-issue tasks: Collects final layouts/ image assets and sends to Archive; creates and distributes final issue PDFs (including for Marked Copy where applicable).


Skills & requirements

  • Technical skills: Proficient working in InDesign, InCopy. Photoshop, and Illustrator with experience using K4
  • Strong communication skills and high attention to detail; has the ability to multi-task and delegate work; thrives in a collaborative and fast-paced creative environment.
  • Experience with issue flatplanning
  • Ability to set and enforce deadlines, communicate effectively with stakeholders
  • Near-native-level English speaker