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The Position:

Working closely with members of the Consumer Revenue team as well as product, technology, editorial, data analytics, operations and customer service, the CRM & E Mail Marketing coordinator will be in charge of the planning, execution and result analysis in order to provide data to all the involved areas into a successful decision-making process regarding all the consumer behavior thru E Mail marketing. The CRM & E Mail Marketing coordinator will have a strong relationship with audience development for every brand in order to increase positioning thru e mail strategy, but also having strong relationship with new business models in order to assure the revenue by implementing a CLC program for each title / business.


The CRM & E Mail Marketing Coordinator will:

  • Implementation of strategies focused on user experience improve in E Mail marketing, assuring a continues relationship with the customers / users to generate traffic & engage to our sites, revenue for our new business models and subscriptions department.
  • Work closely with the Consumer Revenue Manager to develop strategies that guarantee the retention of our users / consumers in every title and new business models, to generate “the art of repeat” in our digital users but as well for our customers.
  • Work closely with audience development & SEO area to maintain the trends in our direct communication thru the E Mail marketing.
  • Full management of E Mail- Marketing strategy:
    • Planning of E Mail Marketing calendar (monthly) regarding all the types of communication based on Editorial and Consumer Revenue focus
    • Implementation in sailthru program of all the Newsletters programmed: Editorial & Consumer Revenue (events, subscriptions, CNCA, VG)
    • Reporting & Analysis of our users / customers performance thru the E Mail marketing and communicate strategic KPI´s and recommendations to Editorial and Consumer Revenue Team for decision-making process.
    • Development of the automatization E Mail marketing process specially for editorial content


Skills set:

  • Minimum of 2-4 years of E Mail Marketing regarding user experience improve thru relevant content for the users and the best management of tools for a more efficient communication with users.
  • Experience in E mail marketing tools such as SAILTHRU; SALESFORCE, etc.
  • Sense of urgency and fast reaction capabilities.
  • Organization and priorization capabilities
  • Clear and straight forwards communication skills and at the same time be a team player


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